Using the Fastned app on Apple CarPlay

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A smarter and safer way to use your iPhone while driving is Apple CarPlay.

Our CarPlay app is available to anyone using the Fastned app on an iPhone, while driving a CarPlay-supported vehicle. Take a look at the Apple website to find out more.

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Does my vehicle support Apple CarPlay?
Not all new vehicles have Apple CarPlay, but many do. To find out if your vehicle is CarPlay compatible, check your vehicle's owner's manual or go to this Apple website to check which vehicles support CarPlay. You can also check the infotainment system or dashboard of your vehicle for the CarPlay logo. If you're still not sure, try using a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your vehicle and check to see if the CarPlay interface shows up on the dashboard.
What can I do with the Fastned CarPlay app?
The Fastned Apple CarPlay app provides several features that make it easier for you to find Fastned charging stations. Here are some things you can do with the Fastned Apple CarPlay app:
  • Search for Fastned stations near you
  • Check the availability of a Fastned charging station
  • Check the kWh pricing
  • Get directions to a charging station, using Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze
How can I use Apple CarPlay?
To use the Fastned app on Apple CarPlay, you first need to make sure that CarPlay is enabled by turning on Siri on your iPhone. For more information on how to do this, take a look at this Apple page.
Once this is done, you can follow these steps:
  1. Connect your iPhone to your vehicle. You can do this via Bluetooth, or via cable, depending on the vehicle
  2. Open the CarPlay interface on your vehicle's dashboard
  3. On the CarPlay home screen, locate and select the Fastned app icon
  4. Once you've opened the Fastned app on CarPlay, you will be able to locate Fastned charging stations near you, check their availability, and export a route to the station using Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze
Can I also use Android Auto?
Currently, there is no version of the Fastned app available for Android Auto. Fastned decided to focus on developing the Apple CarPlay version of the app first, as the majority of our users are on iOS devices. Fastned may develop an Android Auto version in the future. 

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