How can I add a user?

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For family or business purposes

If you want other EV drivers to be able to use your Fastned Account, you can simply add new users.

To add, delete or update the rights of additional users go in the Fastned app

  1. ‘My Settings’,
  2. ‘Users’
  3. fill in the new user's name and phone number.
  4. A text message with a temporary password will be sent to this phone number, so that the new user can log in with this password and phone number.

Note if you see this error message:
"Whoops, this phone number has already been registered or has expired due to inactivity. Do you want to log in with this number instead?" → This user most likely already has their own Fastned account. You can ask them to login or contact support to close the account.


Admin User
Add, remove and see payment methods Use admin payment methods, but not see or edit them
Add,remove and edit vehicles Add, remove and edit own vehicles + select admin vehicle
(not able to delete them)
Activate, deactivate and use Autocharge Use Autocharge

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