How do I find a Fastned station?

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The Fastned stations are easily found in the Fastned app, which can be used to navigate to our stations.


Via our innovative Fastned Route planner you can easily find our fast charging stations and plan your route. 

Our stations are also easy to find on Google Maps (type in ‘Fastned’). 

When and where will the next stations be realized?

Sadly, we cannot say when and where exactly our next stations will be built. In the past we have published these locations, which led to delays and difficulties caused by external parties. To make sure our rollout goes as smoothly as possible, we have decided not to publish the locations of our new stations in advance.

I am missing a station close to my location
Want more locations or are you missing countries? Let us know!
Signage Fastned stations
We are currently talking to different parties about signage of our our stations, because we understand our stations can be easier to find when clear signposts are placed along the highway. We don’t know when all signs will be placed.
Clearance height of our stations
Stations built as of January 2018 have a clearance of more than 4 meters. Our stations built before this period (recognisable by the yellow arches) have a clearance of 2.75 meters. Palmpol is an exception to this, with a height of 2,5 meters. To prevent damage to our stations, we have made a safety clearance at the entry of these stations. All these stations therefore have these safety clearances of 2.75 meters.

Old canopy (before 2018). Max height: 2,5m - 2,75mold canopy.png

New canopy (since 2018). Max height: > 4,00m New canpoy.png

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