Electric motorcycle

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23-26 kW

Charge speed

The charge speed depends on your motorcycle and on the state of charge of the battery when plugging in. On average an electric motorcycle charges 100 km in 20 - 25 minutes.

Charge curve


The charge curve shows the charging behaviour of this vehicle when the battery is in optimal conditions (around. 30 °C). A colder (or warmer) battery can result is a significantly lower charge speed.


Unlike many electric vehicles, for motorcycles the charge session must be started before connecting the charger.

The correct way of connecting is as follows:

  • Open the seat and remove the rubber caps
  • Start the Fastned app and follow the instructions to start a session at the charger or use your EV charge card
  • Wait until the charger displays 'establishing connection with vehicle', then connect the CCS connector in the motorcycle
  • The motorcycle will start charging

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