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  It could be that there is a plastic cover, covering the bottom part of the charge port. If so, this plastic cover needs to be removed in order to plug in the CCS connector.

Polestar 2
CCS_plug.png charge_speed_max.png


150 kW

Charge speed

The charge speed for the Polestar 2 is up to 150 kW at our 150+ kW fast chargers and up to 50 kW at our other chargers. In the charge curve below, you can see the charge speed at both chargers. On average, the Polestar 2 charges 100 km in 10 minutes (150+ kW charger) or in 30 minutes (50 kW charger). At a 175 kW charger, the charge speed will slowly drop as of 80%.

Charge curve


The charge curve shows the charging behaviour of this car when the battery is in optimal conditions (around. 30 °C). A colder (or warmer) battery can result is a significantly lower charge speed. More information about what influences the charge speed can be found on this page.

Polestar 1
CCS_plug.png charge_speed_max.png


50 kW

Charge speed

The charge speed on all our chargers is max 50 kW.

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