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If you have a new Renault ZOE from 2019 (model Z.E. 50), you use the CCS connector.


  It could be that there is a plastic cover, covering the bottom part of the charge port. If so, this plastic cover needs to be removed in order to plug in the CCS connector.

CCS_plug.png charge_speed_max.png
max 46 kW

Charge speed

The charge speed of the Z.E. 50 (55 kWh battery) is up to 46 kW at all of our chargers. On average, the ZOE charges 100 km of range in 20 – 25 minutes. The ZOE charges fastest until about 55%. At this point, the car will gradually reduce charge speed.

Charge curve

The charge curve shows the charging behaviour of this car when the battery is in optimal conditions (around. 30 °C). A colder (or warmer) battery can result is a significantly lower charge speed. More information about what influences the charge speed can be found on this page.

    Unlock the connector

In some cases the car does not release the connector. Turn off the car and press the 'Open' button on the driver's side door handle.

  Please ensure that you insert the connector properly. It may help to support the cable until the car locks the connector.

AC_plug.svg charge_speed_max.png
max 43 kW
Charge speed
  • with Quickcharge option: max 43 kW, which is approximately 100 km extra range in 25 – 30 minutes
  • without Quickcharge option: max 22 kW, which is approximately 50 km extra range in 25 – 30 minutes

The following Renaults cannot fast charge

  • Renault Kangoo ZE
  • Renault Fluence
  • Renault Twizy

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