How can I get a receipt for my charge session?

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You can only get a receipt for sessions started with the payment terminal.

This website generates receipts for sessions that were started directly with the payment terminal of one of our chargers. Are you paying for your sessions via an EV charge card? Then your charge card provider's invoice is your VAT receipt. Are you paying for the session directly through the Fastned app with a credit or debit card? Then, your monthly invoice will include your VAT details for this session.

Click here to request your receipt for your charge session started with the payment terminal.

Here are some guidelines on how to submit your request:
    • Session country: Make sure to select the country in which the charging session took place. This field will determine which stations you can select, and which currency will be shown for 'exact amount'.
    • Station: Find your Fastned station at which the charging session took place here. You can search both for station name and the municipality in which this station is located.
    • Session date: Enter the date your session took place.
    • Exact amount: We use this field to find your unique session. So it's important to fill in the exact cost of the session including 2 digits after the comma.

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